Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King was one of America's great civil rights leaders. I wish to honor his memory and his works by putting forth here some of his notable and inspiring quotes:


Dr. King on Segregation:
"I could never adjust to the separate waiting rooms, separate eating places, (and) separate rest rooms, partly because the separate was always unequal, and partly because the very idea of separation did something to my sense of dignity and self respect."

Dr. King on Faith:
"God, who gave us minds for thinking and bodies for working, would defeat his own purpose if he permitted us to obtain through prayer what may come through work and intelligence."

Dr King on Education:
"Remember that education gives you not only knowledge, which is power, but wisdom, which is control."

"Study constantly even after you leave high school and college."

Dr. King on Love:
"Love is a potent instrument for social and collective transformation."

"Take time to compose a letter or speak on the phone with people who disagree with you."

"Hat scars the soul and distorts the personality."

Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. on his son, Dr Martin Luther King Jr.:
"He was a genius. I am not talking about my son when I say that; I'm talking about a world citizen. He moved beyond us early. He did not belong to us, he belonged to the world."

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