Friday, November 2, 2012

Making   your  Day

How do you begin your day? Do you hop out of bed in a mad rush? Slowly drag out of bed with self talk of how horrible the day will be? Or, do you awake full of hope, expecting the very best?

Do you realize that if the unexpected does happen, you have it in you to handle most situations with grace?

Most of us know that the way we start our day affects the remainder of the day. It drives our attitude and behavior. Our mental attitude at day’s beginning affects our continued thoughts and behaviors   toward everyone we encounter, and each situation presented to us throughout the day.

I say to you – take charge! Make your day! Set the intention for your day. Here are a few tips that some have used that are effective for them. I invite you to consider them. Make the tips your own. It is possible that you will take some of the actions below as is, and others you will change to suit your life style and values.

ü  Prepare. Planning and preparation go a long way to ensure your day will go smoothly and be enjoyable. Check your schedule for the next day. Ensure that everything you need is in place. If not, take action. 

ü  Get enough sleep. Most of us need from seven to nine hours of sleep to regenerate our physical and mental self. 

ü  Perform a bedtime ritual that is relaxing and positive for you. Some people read. Some meditate. Some pray. Some write. Just ensure that your ritual leads you toward peace and restfulness. No TV! TV tends to be too intrusive.

ü  Set your clock to wake you up at least 15 minutes before you need to prepare to begin your day. In this 15 minutes stretch, breathe, affirm the day – make your day. Create constructive, positive, self-talk such as:

“Today is my day – it will be the best one yet –minute, by minute, hour by hour.”

 “Today’s schedule is busy and I will live in each moment to make that moment as vivid as possible. The next meeting, errand, task will be there and I will live in it when it comes.”  

“I have some uncertainties about today’s activities, but I will do my very best and will be OK with the outcome, whatever it is because I know that outcome will be for the greater good.”
ü  Exercise. Or, at least warm up your muscles for at least five minutes of stretching. Breathe deeply and begin your day!



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