Thursday, September 13, 2012


Choosing a Water Filtration System

A high-quality water filtration system will filter out chlorine, which is the most abundant toxin in urban water supplies to date, and DBPs, which stands for: disinfection by-products (organic matter found in water). Filtration can be done by many methods: a charcoal filter, KDF - a copper-zinc oxidation medium, and even Vitamin C!

A high-quality water filtration system is also set apart by its certification process. Whatever brand of filtration system you use, make sure it is NSF Certified. Their website is: The NSF is an independent, third-party agency that tests and helps establish standards of health-related products.

The following are four water filtration systems that you may wish to consider. They are decently priced and are of high value:

Mercola Pure&Clear Premium Whole House System for City Water: ($999.00); (Best for house use); (

Mercola Pure & Clear Shower Filter: ($84-$162 depending on quantity and type--with/without wand); Pure&Clear Counter Top ($149); and Under Counter Filters ($249) (Best for apartment use.); (

Aquasana Whole House: (starting at $736); Point of Use Filters: (starting at $68) (

Culligan Hand Held Shower Filters: ($49.99) (

Please remember that you will incur a cost for replacement cartridges, PEG-free water bottles, and even replacement or repair for units. However, these systems are well worth it as they pay back the money spent to purchase them MANY times over. They are also less expensive than paying for replacement cartridges and new or replacement units for classic water pitcher filtration. Moreover, the number one way these systems prove their worth is by protecting your health.

Remember, if you don't filter your water, YOUR body, hair, and skin become the filter.

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 Guest author of this blog article is Indigo Liggins, who is an avid health, beauty, and fitness research consultant. She is my daughter!

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